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New Custom Wired Switchcraft StudioPatch 9625 Patchbay

New Switchcraft StudioPatch model 9625. This patchbay arrives at your door with eight DB-25 snakes wired to any connectors. Any combo of DB-25, XLR, TRS, or Female TRS Barrel connectors you need. This Patchbay can be changed to No Normals, Full Normal, or Half Normal with the turn of a screw on the front of the patchbay.

$696.67 x

CM Labs Sixty Four Digital Patchbay With Cables

used CM Labs Sixty Four digital patchbay needs no patch cables. Any input can route to any output simultaneously. Up to ninety presets can be saved and recalled. The CM Labs Sixty Four can operate in mono, stereo, and surround mode via the front panel. You can also control with midi or RS-232. This CM Labs Sixty Four patchbay arrives with eight sets of five-foot DB-25 cables to ANY CONNECTORS you need on the other end of the DB-25 cables.

$800.00 x